Trademark does not threaten or intimidate any corporation, lawyer or private citizen in New York State. The First Amendment is still bona fide law in this nation.   

We are advising attorneys throughout this nation that there are serious consequences for filing false charges or engaging in criminal conduct.  We will seek the disbarment of attorneys who engage in fraud and hide behind religious police or national security law. 

We take economic threats and racketeering seriously, whether from the armies of corporate hoodlums that dot our nation, the Sicilian mafia or the Calabrian mafia.  We will legally retaliate against organizations, unions and attorneys who hide behind corporate law.  We have repeatedly advised adversaries in eyewitnessed and documented testimony that if the corporation feels threatened, Trademark Universal, Inc. will bankrupt your pension and wipe out the retirement security of your employees.  In just days. 

The FBI can be reached at 26 Federal Plaza in NYC and can verify the actions of Trademark Universal, Inc.