Admissions Results

Here are examples of where students were admitted after utilizing our services. If you cannot afford our services, feel free to apply for a scholarship. We provide more scholarships to middle class boys than any other test prep in North America. You can also get free IVY Verbal Review content at

Please be advised that we are a writing based course. In the optical age (the one we are living through now), anyone can access information. Usage however is what will separate the golden bran from run of the mill wheat flour. We emphasize use of language and writing.

At IVY Verbal Review, Tom Mathew will teach you how he founded a $3.5 billion corporation at the age of 26 years old. Mr. Mathew utilized every major law firm in New York and Europe to grow his company. He will show you how he grew his business in Europe and all over the Americas. Few men have achievd this. Fewer have achieved this in the most bigoted part of America's deep South.

Students will utilize three proprietary books: 1200 Review, Composition, and Preparing An Uncommon Application. All three books are unique to IVY Verbal Review. No other test prep has these materials.

We focus on technique. We utilize our proprietary Boolean Grid methodology (known throughout Manhattan to achieve outstanding results on the SAT®).

Fact: the Boolean Grid has even increased the verbal SAT® scores of students who are mentally handicapped.